Parenting Tips On How to Prevent Middle Child Syndrome


Having a kid relevantly impacts the dynamics within a family, and when there are three kids, it’s not uncommon for the middle one to feel neglected. Psychologists have termed this the middle child syndrome, pertaining to the middle one causing distress to the family, or is the one in distress because he feels unimportant, left out, and unloved. This becomes obvious to him especially if the eldest child performs well in school and is quite talented, and the youngest in the family is the darling of everybody. In this case, the middle child is often moody, bitter, detached, and insecure. …

How I Raised My Daughter With Mental Illness

Source:  My husband and I married late, and we were not blessed with children of our own, so when we were sure there was nothing we could do we decided to adopt a baby girl from foster care. I got Melissa when she was six. Sister Claire told me she came from abusive parents…

Parenting Advice On Talking Around Your Kids

    If you think that your children are not mature enough to comprehend any of your adult conversations, then think again. When the family gathers around for dinner and mom and dad suddenly muster something about what they did in the bedroom, they think they can easily change the topic or find a nice…

How Therapy Can Help Your Kid Recover From Depression 

Finding out that your child is clinically depressed can break your heart into million pieces. It will be easier on your part to feel sorry for what happened to him. You will start to blame yourself for your shortcomings. While this may be the normal reaction for any parent, it does not mean that there is no way out. Fortunately, there are now several ways on how you can help your kid recover from depression, one of which is therapy, wherein your child will have numerous face-to-face sessions with a therapist.