The Importance of Curfew (For Kids)

If you were ever lost for words to explain to your children why they should care about curfew, then do not worry we have been in the same boat and are here for you. It is vital that you never tell your kids, ‘because I said so.’ as a justification for any of your actions.…

Successful Parenting 101: Behaviors that Hinder Children from Maturing Into Great Leaders




Naturally, parents tend to be overprotective of their children in such a way that may or may not be beneficial.

Chances are, you have become that kind of parent who is unknowingly holding back your child or children from thriving independently and also keeping them from fully exhibiting their potential of becoming a good leader someday. Failure to recognize this parenting error can severely affect your children’s progress and cripple their likelihood gaining a solid image for themselves, coddling them through every aspect of their lives.

How To Keep Your Child Occupied Without An iPad

    As you might have guessed, we are against letting an, at the cheapest, $500, 1.5 pound-screen define your parenting abilities. We can’t count how many adverse developmental effects of excessive iPad usage have been talked about, but believe us when we say it’s not right. We’re talking things like speech delay, obesity, and…