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Danger Signs of Illness Newborn Baby

Monday, July 23rd 2012. | Health


Symptoms of illness in newborn baby are difficult to identify. By knowing the danger signs, the baby will quickly get the help that can prevent death. The newborn baby died because a lot of the lateness to know the danger signs belatedly decided to take the baby to the doctor and the medical treatment until late into the treatment.

newborn illness symptoms Danger Signs of Illness Newborn Baby

Here are some danger signs in newborns as below:

  • Babies do not want to feed. This is a sign that the baby is exposed to severe infections.
  • Infant seizures. Seizures in newborns sometimes difficult to distinguish from normal movement. If you see symptoms or unusual movements and occur repeatedly such as yawning, chewing, sucking, blinking, his eyes bulging, round eyes and legs around like a bicycle that did not stop the possibility of infant convulsions.
  • Weak babies. Move if only held. This is a sign that the baby is ill.
  • Shortness of breath 60 times per minute.
  • Baby whimpering. This is a sign of ill babies.
  • Red navel to the abdomen. If redness is down to the abdominal wall, is a sign that the already severe infection.
  • Fever. Baby’s body temperature more than 37.5 degrees Celsius or the baby’s body was cold. Temperature is below 36.5 degrees Celsius.
  • There are a lot of pus in the eyes of the bay. This can cause the baby to be blind.
  • Infant diarrhea, sunken eyes, not conscious. If the pinched skin will be too late stomach back into shape. This is a sign that the baby severe dehydration and can cause death.
  • Baby’s skin looks yellow. Yellow in infants who appear on the first day or appears after less than 24 hours after birth is a sign of danger.
  • Infants’ Feces looked pale.

If you find one or more of the danger signs of ilness newborn baby, try baby warm during the trip to the hospital, clinic or doctor. With the way the baby wrapped in a cloth-four.

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