Malini Saba – Not Just A Mom

Have you been burdened by gender roles ever since you became a mother? Although most people and companies practice equality these days, there are still a few who think that moms are supposed to stay at home only. Your job is to take care of your husband and kids, not to build your career, or so they say.

If the idea does not sit well with you, try to gain inspiration from Malini Saba.

The Past

Malini’s life story began when she was born to parents with mid-range income in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her family then moved to Australia, where she remained until the age of 19. Afterward, she decided to relocate to the United States with her then-husband and try her luck there. This was a significant risk on her part, as she only had 200 dollars as pocket money when she traveled.


Even though she admitted that they were living in a non-sturdy apartment near the railroad, her former spouse was a student in Stanford University, and it allowed Saba to join a few classes without paying a cent. The fields of studies that caught her interest were related to investment and business. By the time she gained enough information through the lectures she had shown up to, Malini had gone on to ask for guidance from investment bankers and other professionals in the financial industry who know more than the theories taught in the classrooms. Her persistence to learn the tricks of the trade even led her to come uninvited to various parties where she could meet such experts

The Present

Malini Saba’s efforts have paid off since she is now one of the leading female investors on the planet. The investments she had made not only in the US but in South Asia and Europe as well are concentrated in technological, oil and gas, and agricultural industries.


Being a seasoned capitalist in Silicon Valley, Saba has stocks in companies like Paypal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks. She is also into market commodities. When not a lot of entrepreneurs were doubtful about investing in India, she disregarded the hearsays and bought thousands of hectares of rice fields and ventured into gold mining.

Her success in the business has allowed her to donate millions for the creation of the Heart Research Center for South Asians in Mountain View, California and the 2004 tsunami victims in Sri Lanka and India. 


Malini Saba has put up her foundation too in 2001 named Stree: Global Investments in Women. She has seen how many mothers and children live on the planet without a source of income and can only depend on the salary of their husbands and fathers, respectively. She created Stree as she wishes to empower the female population of various countries who belong to impoverished families by giving them free training and education on diverse practices that they can make money out of shortly. Medical assistance is also available to them. The lady CEO believes that these are the simple things she can do to help them lead more exceptional lives.


Her Definition Of Success

Success in the eyes of Malini Saba entails being able to follow one’s passion with a smile painted on their faces. Her most significant accomplishment is giving birth to a lovely daughter who provided her a sense of completion as a woman. The young child serves as her main inspiration as well to create a better world for everyone.

Also, she disclosed that living in the past is not one of her philosophies. History should only become a foundation of strength and knowledge. In case something knocks her down along the path to real happiness, the fall will be softer, and she can get up fast again.