Parental Emotional Abuse Throughout A Lockdown

Unlike physical violence, emotional abuse does not leave kids with a visible scar. Often, it gets impossible to detect that there is something wrong with children’s behavioral responses. Sometimes, kids can show a perfectly happy face while hiding sorrows and pain. Unfortunately, emotional abuse can have life-long damaging effects, such as weakening the kids’ emotional…

The War Against Junk Foods

TV commercials are populated with junk foods and fast foods with little to no nutritional value. This constant viewing of advertisements increases the chance that children will beg their parents to buy these types of foods. Children who spend a lot of time watching television or surfing online are more likely to eat more, regardless if they are hungry or not. For parents, it is quite alarming because of the risks it may bring to their child’s health.  




Discovering Child’s Talents And Skills

Parents are Sherlock Holmes in finding out children’s intelligence, gifts, and talents, not the school. They can take the role by acknowledging their child’s smallest abilities, asking other significant people who have close contact with their child, asking their child’s likes and dislikes, and finally, allowing their child to experiment by letting them explore things by their own. Of course, parents must be present on the days when their child is having his/her first-time experience with something. Being a talent detective will allow the parents to discover more hidden talents that they did not imagine that their child can do. 

“Ideally, you as a parent can help your child find their way into a variety of interests that can potentially become a passion. If you see their eyes light up when doing a specific activity, then there’s a chance they may have found one, and now it’s time to develop it,” says Wendy Rice, PsyD.